- Facilitate the growth of InfoComm Industry.
- Represent the InfoComm Industry.
-Facilitate cooperation and collaboration among InfoComm industry members and with the Government.
- Represent the InfoComm industry for Brunei at regional and internationals forum and programs.
- Provide platform for InfoComm industry to share lessons learned, best practices, emerging technologies, etc with Government and Users of ICT..
- Promote, encourage and foster relationships, while promoting trade and cooperation between its members and similar regional organizations

How IFB was established?

- The need to have a ICT Federation is imperative in Brunei Darussalam.
- This is inline with His Majesty's Titah.
- The formation of the federation is an initiative by BAG Networks Sdn. Bhd.
- Hosted a gathering of InfoCom organizations on 30th May 2007 to garner support ,at the Business Centre, Empire Hotel.
- A follow-up informal discussion was chaired by Dato Paduka Ali Apong, Permanent Secretary of MOF and chairman of BAG Networks which was attended by ten local organizations (Alif Technologies, Syabas Technologies, DST Group, Telbru, ITIS Wescot, KPF Comserve, BAG Networks, Xecutech, E-Prime Networks and Komputer Wisman).
- After the second meeting, a pro-team committee consisting of these companies was formed with a goal of registering the organization and establishing the initial Executive Committee.




IFB Executive Council 2015-2016

IFB Organization Structure